Polish, Presence & Personal Performance Program for Educationists
Start Date: 05-06-2017
End Date: 05-06-2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

 Although civility costs nothing, the lack of it can cost any business millions: therefore the resurgence for professional presence and protocol intelligence training is necessary to curtail this. To rise above the fierce competition, organizations and institutions must invest in their social capital and devote more time to introducing staff members to the importance of heightening their interpersonal skills.

Are You a Teacher, Lecturer, Trainer, Facilitator? Are you an Educationist?
Our Polish, Presence & Personal Performance Program for Educationists will:
Enlighten:employees on the power of presence
Engage:an interactive learning experience
Elevate:business image and reputation
Encourage: personal performance and productivity
Empower:participants with protocol intelligence and goal orientation
Express:confidence and good character
Escalate:return on investment and organization bottom-line
Date: 5th June / 11th July 2017 (Flexible Dates Are Available)
JSK Etiquette Consortium
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