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The Dynamics of Etiquette Success

– A Guide to Business & Social Excellence & Elegance
Etiquette is the forum from which people create a positive or possibly a negative first and lasting impression of other people or from which one is formed about ourselves. To enhance our daily performance it is important to emphasize good mannerisms in our behavior, attitude, communication, decisions, actions and regular activities. The lack of good manners is never hidden; it speaks a whole lot about our personality and character.

Imagine yourself walking into a social or business gathering. You have choice of introducing yourself and joining in the art of networking, or on the other hand keeping yourself company, sticking to one corner of the room and enjoying the food and drink on offer. Now what does that say about you, your confidence level, and your self-esteem?

How do you dress to go to work daily, after work, or just to step out of the house? Do you dress with style or with mood? Are you coordinated or you just go with the flow?

This CD spells out the various characteristics and traits you should ponder on to be a complete individual, putting daily etiquette to best use. It will prepare you to shape your image, motivate you to exhibit leadership traits and inspire you to live your personal best.

The CD is divided into five sections for ease of listening. Before you go for that next business or social function listen to this CD first.

Quick and Easy Listening

As the CD is conveniently divided into units
listening can be strategized for you to make maximum benefit of it. Enjoy this CD on your IPOD, Phone, in the car, bus, train, while waiting for a plane, at the gym, on your MP3 player or while relaxing during your past time.

An invaluable Resource

This is a very resourceful product for
professionals, individuals, young adults and students.

Preview Audio CD Units

UNIT 1: First & Lasting Impression
UNIT 2: Dressing, Image & Your Style
UNIT 3: Communication Skills, Self Esteem & Networking
UNIT 4: Table Manners, Social & Business Dining Perfection
UNIT 5: The Etiquette of Public Places
UNIT 6: Successful Interviewing Skills