Our Programs
Advanced Image & Leadership
Professional Series (AILP)

This program has been designed for corporate organizations to propel their corporate executives to world class status. Today’s Executives and Professionals are working in a multicultural and multigenerational environment, adapting to the various cultures and generational differences is paramount to excelling and outclassing the competition.

Effective corporate branding entail’s creating and maintaining a positive and lasting impression. Mastering the skills of proper etiquette and protocol will prepare the professional for success and confidence in both his/her personal and professional life. The savvy executive is better placed to explore new markets, develop   opportunities and master international techniques.

Business Image & Leadership
Master Series (BILM)

This program has been designed to master the code of contemporary professionalism in both the home and foreign environment. The emphasis is to distinguish one from the crowd and outclass competition. Participants will be challenged to identify their personality traits, character, strengths and positive attributes to build executive presence, strategic lcadership, Competitive global significance and impactful personal & corporate Image.

Emphasis is placed on promoting personal branding development and Image enhancement as it impacts today’s business world.

International Image & Leadership
Executive Series (IILE)

More professionals today are engaging in international businesses especially with the advent of new emerging economies and markets. The need to understand and practice international business etiquette is becoming an increasing need and evermore apparent this 21st century. Cultural intelligence is necessary to sign more contracts and seal more deals. Mastering best practices in the international scene will elevate both the individual and organisational presence.

This course is designed for all professionals engaged with international affiliations, strong multinational ties, and multicultural business partnerships. The course also caters for individuals taking on new assignments in foreign territories as well as assisting diplomats and expatriates to settle down in their new location blending culture with contemporary protocol.


  • Cultural Intelligence & International Protocol
  • Expat Cultural Awareness

Youth Etiquette & Leadership
Junior Series (YELJ)

Demonstrating good manners should be a way of life, knowing proper ways to handle a social situation brings confidence. Teaching manners is in many ways an integral part of parenting. It is not uncommon that our youth today are more receptive to guidance from a friend, confident or teacher than a parent.

The influence of another voice often conveys the common courtesies that parents try to teach their youth at home. By learning to blend contemporary manners with traditional etiquette the finishing touch students are at ease with their peers and themselves.

(Preteens to teenagers)
» Young Polished Leaders Program – Etiquette Camp
» SPLASH KLUB – Z Generation Etiquette Leadership Club
(Ages 4-17yrs)

Savoir Faire
Bespoke Series (SFB)

This is a blend of customized programs to suit the needs of individuals and small groups. The bespoke series is tailor - made to accommodate busy work schedules, time challenges and various learning styles; inculcating both business, social and international etiquette.


    • Protocol & Leadership Training
    • Image Training
    • Auxilary Trianing

Panache Finishing School (PFS)

The Panache Finishing School is an academy designed by JSK Etiquette Consortium to create a forum where individual gentlemen, women, professionals and aspiring youths can use the best practices of Etiquette skills and knowledge to operate at their personal and professional best.

The course extensively covers finessing your social graces, communication, lasting impressions, image and style, savvy socializing, fine dining skills and lots more.

The finishing school operates in five individual modules which can be taken at separate times or at a stretch to enable you cover the full range of life time skills required to have the panache advantage.


  • Panache Professional   (2 Days)
  • Panache Presence       (1 Day)
  • Panache Protocol         (1 Day)
  • Panache Personal         (1 Day)


Modules can be taken as a complete five day series or individually.


JSK Etiquette Consortium offers various interactive workshops covering assorted topics announced regularly

Keynote Speaking Events (KSE)
  • Born to Lead: Poise for the future
  • Raise the Bar: Stepping Out With Distinction
  • Unleash Your Unique brand :You
  • Mastering Your Manners;Youth Seminar

Personal Branding & Professional Presence : Assessment Cycle
  • Personal Branding 360 Degree Feedback Report
  • Personality & Leadership Trait Assessment
  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Style Personality Test


JSK offer a unique personal assessment service for diplomats, executives, high networth individuals, aspiring professionals and individuals‎. The technique enables participants to discover their brand personas and leadership competences. The essence is to consolidate all important data that will generate effective leadership strategies for personal and professional development. Each participant will be given a personal profile report for their use in future.
Contact us for an appointment at: consult@etiquetteconsortium.com