Test Your Etiquette IQ

Try our Etiquette Intelligence test, cross check your answers upon completion as provided below. Goodluck!


Welcome to the JSK Etiquette Intelligence Test. 

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1. The way we communicate on a daily basis is by using?
a. 100% words (verbal)
b. 93% non verbal body language (wordless communication)
c. 50% body language 50% words.
2. When meeting someone for the first time, how do you introduce yourself?
a. By your first name
b. By starting with Mr. or Mrs. Followed by your family name
c. By your first name then family name.
3. In the business arena?
a. Only men should stand for introductions and handshaking
b. Only women should stand for handshaking and all introductions
c. It is not necessary for men or women to stand for introductions and handshaking
d. Both men and women should stand for handshaking and introductions.
4. What is the correct response to thank you?
a. No problem
b. Cheers
c. You are welcome
5. Is it OK to exchange business cards during a meeting?
a. Yes
b. No
6. If offered some appetizers from a server, how many should you take?
a. One
b. Two at most
c. Many
d. Refuse positively
7. Is it OK to bring an uninvited guest to an event?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Only with permission from host/hostess.
8. As a guest at a seated dinner party, when do you start eating?
a. When everybody is seated
b. As soon as you are seated
c. Eat after the hostess takes the first bite
9. Your cell phone rings while dinning with others you?
a. Answer it within the 1st minute
b. Let it ring to the end
c. Cut it off immediately.
d. Apologize and turn the phone on silent mode. The person you are with takes priority
10. At a dinner or lunch, when should the napkin be opened?
a. As soon as you sit down
b. At the arrival of the 1st course
c. Not at all.
11. At the dinner table, the bread plate should be placed
a. On the right
b. On the left.
12. When having afternoon tea, milk should be poured into the tea Cup?
a. Before the tea
b. After the tea
c. It doesn't matter.
13. At afternoon tea when do you spread jam on a scone?
a. Before the cream
b. After the cream
c. It doesn't matter.
14. Where is the most appropriate place to wear a name tag?
a. On the left side of the chest
b. On the right side of the chest
c. By the bottom jacket pocket.
15. When do women best wear a knee length dress?
a. Casual cocktail
b. Black tie event
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
16. When is it acceptable to text during a meeting?
a. When the speaker is not looking
b. When it is quiet.
c. Never it is disrespectful to multitask during a meeting.
17. At a networking official cocktail you should best mingle by?
a. Waiting efficiently until someone approaches you
b. Concentrating on the food and drink offered.
c. Socialize on your own initiative introducing yourself to as many as possible.
18. Is it appropriate to write on a business card?
a. YES
b. NO
c. It depends.
19. When invited to a social gathering is a host/hostess gift necessary?
a. YES
b. NO
c. It doesn't matter
20. Etiquette means?
a. Manners
b. Image and style
c. Panache advantage
d. All of the above
21. Why is respect Important?
a. To show politeness to all mankind
b. To be noticed
c. As a sign of proper manners and social graces
22. When I receive a text message, I should?
a. Respond immediately
b. Wait a while to respond
c. Answer if only it is important
d. Ignore text
23. Lateness at an event is
a. Acceptable
b. Not acceptable
c.Acceptable with prior excuse.
24. When texting it is OK to use short hand text message (shorter text message) like (gud nite or gud am)
a. True
b. False.
25. Telephone etiquette means responding to missed calls
a. Late
b. Immediately
c. Ignore completely