Today's Etiquette and You

"You only have one chance to make a good first impression."

The world is changing ever so fast right before our very eyes. In the past politeness and manners were a part of growing up for many of us, especially given the serious amount of discipline bestowed upon us by our parents.
What can we say about today's way of life and attitude? Well it goes without saying that with the influx of high technology, the multi- diversity in culture and the transformed state of the human mind politeness, manners and etiquette is fast being blown away by the wind. We are seeing that family values are quickly vanishing. Our youths have become increasingly independent and over opinionated, young professionals are more daring and matured individuals are doing their best to keep up with this lightening pace of life. In other words respect for others has taken no precedence.
Having said that, we are witnessing a new turn of events, where with the current global recession corporate organisations, professionals and individuals are encouraged to look inwards to foresee the future and how best to increase their aspirational levels and goal orientation. In the midst of healthy competition and economic hardship there is a corporate cry out for improved productivity, impressive results and performance, greater achievement and success. With all this in sight Etiquette, Protocol, Mannerisms and Polish are fast coming back into recognition. 
Whether you are royalty, a VIP, or the everyday individual the rising need to get along with others around you cannot be more stressed. Team spirit and respect for others is a valid life value for everyone. Image they say is everything. How do you value your personality, your looks, the impression you leave after meeting or talking to someone?
Have you considered the fact that everyone you meet today or talk to is a potential contact (client, partner, friend, acquaintance) or even the future key to your success? Are you sceptical about meeting and mingling with strangers?
Does your confidence level speak well of you? Do you really have an approachable character that makes others around you feel warm, welcome and comfortable? 
In the business circuit, it is essential that you build your level of professionalism to accommodate these questions. Your body language, dress sense, demeanour and even handshake should depict a true, confident person.
With a bright sense of humour and a genuine willingness to learn, etiquette training can set you on a road path to future success. The increased knowledge will make you wiser, smarter, and better equipped to conquer the world. Always wear a smile and the world will smile back at you. Life should be lived at maximum capacity in order to overcome its challenges.
Are you operating or living an ETIQUETTE way of life? Are you putting Etiquette first in your daily lifestyle?
Optimizing and improving your level of etiquette will enable you achieve excellent manners and civility, to conquer any situation with confidence, poise, polish and professionalism. Reflect on the words below as it applies to you.


Etiquette today is seen as:

a. Set rules of precedence
b. Custom of salutation
c. Norms for body carriage
d. Facial expression
e. Communication of status


The Generation Z has arrived and has come to stay. Today's youth are very intelligent, fast paced and ready to show their skills.


The birth of technology and social media has made them very heads on, quite impatient, but vibrant by the day. They are equipped with vast technology skills, but do they have the essential soft skills to survive in this multicultural, intellectual, gloabl bubble? 


According to Maura Graber..... 'Teens need manners as a social tool, to navigate their way through the differing social events they will encounter as they grow up into mature adults.' Etiquette must be encouraged right from youth years to become success in life.

Corporate Organizations: aspiring to create and promote loyalty, team spirit, department cohesiveness and corporate image
Senior Management: wishing to improve soft skills to excel in the business arena
Middle and Junior Management: lacking protocol skills essential for career advancement
Front Line Personnel: i.e personal / executive assistants, receptionists, client service personnel who are in dear need of essential polish
Marketing and Sales Force Team: who represent the corporate brand during and after work hours
Corporate Executives: requiring the essential polish and social graces
Expatriate Personnel: engaged in business in other countries
New Hires: to induct them into the organization to ensure that proper manners, behavior, corporate style and expectations are adhered to
Professionals: in the field of Law, Medicine and Finance
Diplomatic Personnel: looking to improve soft skills to excel in the International and Business arena
Women: looking to improve soft skills and entertaining with grace
Bride and Grooms to be: looking into the bright future ahead
Entrepreneurs: looking to improve soft skills to excel in the local and global market
Today's Youths: looking to boost confidence and Self Esteem